The new lightness that satisfies fire prevention requirements

The flame-retardant, solid wood lightweight board - Moralt’s Balsaboard Flamsafe is the flame-retardant alternative to Moralt’s Lightwood Balsa Board.
This board shows an excellently safe combustion behavior, without any combustile drips or drops of embers nor any significant smoke emission. The material provides absolute surface stability and sets new standards with its density of just 245 to 465 kg/m³. It is available in large sizes of up to 2.070 x 5.200 mm and a thickness, ranging from 16 mm to 38 mm.
This Moralt innovation is an ideal carrier plate for the application of sliced veneers, HPL, paint, lacquer, and high-gloss finishing. It is particularly beneficial for large-sized wall and ceiling paneling, furniture, and the interior finishing of large halls, airports, public houses, ships, and other public properties which demand special fire prevention requirements. The sandwich construction with an end-grain balsa core and poplar veneer of thin MDF facing can easily be processed by using conventional techniques and tooling. Our certifications detail all necessary classifications according to the appropriate safety standards.

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